Thinking and Doing

Execution beats luck 

Consistency beats intensity 

Curiosity beats smart 

Kind beats clever 

Together beats alone”

— Shane A Parrish

I love this quote, it shows the difference between the thinker and doer mindset. How wanting something is not enough, dreaming or planning only takes you so far. We set ideals for the life we want but are we willing to become that ideal version of ourselves? I surely don’t suggest you fall into the trap of toxic self-improvement but think about it… how big is the distance between where you wanted life to be and where it is. Would you change anything?

Onto the #WeeklyWrap

Google is coming up with its new page experience update in June. Prioritising mobile users, will be an essential part of your SEO campaigns and audits next month. Search Engine Journal shares all details, from timelines to the features to watch out for. No doubt we needed a mobile-first update, that where the entire market exists. Even though most information is under wraps, it is a sign for you to update your apps, SERP result and website to the optimal mobile experience.

Every marketing practice boils down to understanding the brand’s voice. Copy Hackers‘ article shares how copywriters, freelancer and consultants can write copies that reflect the voice perfectly. It’s important to note that the voice is heard not just in the advertisements but also in the emails, website, behaviour of employees and any words ever published. The article is a conversation about what a voice really is and how to find it.

Instagram has many tools to amp up your brand, Story Highlights are still an ignored features. Tail Wind App show to use them as FAQs, testimonials and for interactions. A well-designed profile for your small business or personal brand now looks better when the highlights are customised. Now that I think about it, highlights are like a mini-website, super accessible and interactive.

We’d be fools to deny the effectiveness of AI and how quickly it will play a key role in our digital campaigns. PPC hero shares 5 ways it can make life easy right now. Think of the parts of creating a campaign that requires you to be strategic and test outcomes, AI can help you decide better.

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